To make it easier for you, before placing your appliances, space is needed between your back molars to allow the bands to go into place.

Spacers are small rubber circles that go between the back molars which move your teeth slightly apart for the bands to fit around your tooth.  This may cause temporary soreness but that goes away in a few days.

Gummy, Sticky, and Chewy foods can pull out the spacers so you must not eat those foods when you have spacers.
Flossing where the spacers are can cause them to come out, so only floss your other teeth that do not have spacers. Brushing is important with spacers, so make sure to do a good job brushing!

If you lose a spacer, call us so we can replace it.

Separators/Spacers: A plastic or metal part which the orthodontist uses to create space between your teeth for bands.